Learning and Instruction

The Learning and Instruction division was founded in 1992 and has more than 170 members. The division focuses on questions regarding the method on which learning- and education processes are conducted, how these processes can be interdependently shaped and consequences of this. These questions are not only viewed from the educational discipline, but also from recent insights in related disciplines, such as social and cultural psychology, organisational psychology and neuropsychology. 

The division’s target group for activities consists of education experts and teacher researchers, as well as teachers, educational developers, teacher support, policy makers, consultants and students.

At the heart of the activities is sharing knowledge, visions and experiences between members of the division and also with expert guests from The Netherlands and abroad. Those involved are invited to critically and creatively examine old and new issues. 
Amongst others, the division performs the following activities:

  • The organisation of the Division’s theme during the annual Education Research Days
  • The organising of symposia and forum discussions including: 


  • In conversation with …Young Doctors (annual): In these encounters newly qualified doctors will discuss their dissertation with experts in the field.
  • In conversation with …: Keynote workshops with experts from The Netherlands and abroad 
  • Data-sessions: collective analysis of data, based on a certain theme or using a certain method of data-analysis
  • Fresh winds: Encounters whereby we look back (-in search of new valuable perspectives and multidisciplinary inspiration) through the works of renowned researchers, at developments in an area of education expertise and related domains. 

Activities are created and organised by the executive committee and members. Therein, we willingly collaborate with other divisions, The Interuniversity Centre for Educational Research ICO and other experts in the field.

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