World Education Research Association: Call for WERA-IRN Proposals

The World Education Research Association (WERA) invites proposals to establish International Research Networks (IRNs).

Deadline for Submission: 1 February 2023
For more information: see attachment

The purpose of WERA-IRNs is to advance education research worldwide on specific research topics. IRNs are collaborative groups of scholars working on a specific research topic. IRNs synthesize knowledge, examine the state of research, and stimulate collaborations or otherwise identify promising directions in research areas of worldwide significance. In order to avoid expenses and carbon footprint, IRNs work primarily through virtual communication.

All IRNs advance their research areas of interest through producing a major report on the state of the knowledge and promising research directions. They additionally may pursue other activities and initiatives that contribute to the development of new knowledge, findings, or data that chart directions for future research worldwide. All IRNs include participants (i) from different countries and parts of the world to engender worldwide collaboration, and (ii) students and junior scholars to promote capacity building.
All IRNs have a commitment to wide communication and dissemination beyond any one country or region. IRNs are expected to use WERA dissemination platforms, including the WERA website and presentations at WERA Focal Meetings (assuming favorable peer review). It is expected that IRN synthesis reports will be submitted for potential publication in the WERA book series, Global Perspectives on Education Research (GPER), and that IRNs will pursue additional forms of dissemination.

Proposals to establish International Research Networks may be submitted by scholars interested in the formation of a new research group or by scholars from an existing group. Proposals should set forth the following:
1. Abstract of no more than 150 words: Set forth the research objective(s) of the IRN, the scope of studies or bodies of knowledge to be considered (from what countries, regions, or cultures), core questions to be examined, and the composition of the IRN (e.g., experienced, and emerging scholars, the size of the IRN).
2. Research Topic and Plan: Specify the education research topic, the goals of the IRN, the general outline of a plan for researchers with different expertise and backgrounds to work together in primarily virtual spaces (including email, electronic media, conference calls, and so forth) and/or other channels.
3. Outcomes Expected from Establishing an IRN: Specify the plan for preparing a synthesis report on the state of the knowledge and future research directions worldwide. Describe the outcomes expected from other ambitions of the IRN (for example, to undertake new research, collect or examine new data, develop, or advance new methods, convene meetings or conferences, or stimulate new collaborations).
4. Participant List: Include a preliminary list of anticipated participants in the IRN or scholars whose work would fit the IRN objectives (Name, Affiliation, Position, Address, Email). Include Curriculum Vitae (CVs) as Attachments: No more than one-page CV for convener(s) and each initial participant that includes key publications, research, or experiences relevant to the research topic or to leading/participating in such an International Research Network.
5. Outreach Plan to Extend Membership: Describe a process for operating an IRN that would permit other experienced and emerging scholars, including graduate students, to join, once an IRN is selected and announced.
6. Leadership: Typically, an IRN will have a single convener or co-conveners with complementary expertise, who are from different countries or regions of the world.
7. Duration and Timetable: The duration of an IRN may vary, with a maximum length of three years for the first period of duration. The duration should be specified. Also provide a timetable for initial IRN plans/activities, in particular for the research synthesis report. 8. Extension of accepted proposals: An IRN may apply for an extension for a period of up to two years. An application for extension should be submitted to the IRN Committee Chair and the WERA Secretary General no later than three months before the end of the project. The IRN Committee will review the application based on an evaluation of IRN activities and outcomes. The duration of an IRN may be extended only once.