AERA symposium zaterdag 15 april

Zaterdag 15 april van 11:40-13:10 uur in Hyatt Regency, Chicago, USA

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“Critical aspects of computer-supported collaborative learning”
Georganiseerd door divisie ICT

Abstract: The objective of the session is to elicit some of the critical aspects of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) that determine its effectiveness in achieving learning and social outcomes. The first paper discusses critical aspects of collaboratively writing source-based texts in relation to epistemic and regulative actions. The second paper discusses critical aspects of collaborative problem solving thereby focusing on the verbal interaction among adult group members. The third and last paper discusses dispositions toward group learning as a critical aspect in online CSCL and presents a validated instrument to measure attitude toward CSCL. The PIP model (Kreijns & Kirschner, 2018) is used to pinpoint the particular research area within the overall CSCL research.